has been doing in business for more than 30 years under the business of importing and exporting agricultural products such as peanuts, dried chili, sesame and other spices. These agricultural products are imported from Asian countries such as Burma, India, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and others, ALL of these agricultural products Has inspected or controlled product standards under the Food and Drug Administration or (FDA) and (National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS) before sending to our beloved customers .

  Mostly, those imported agricultural products we distribute to our customers both wholesale and retail in Domestic and national  and distribute to many processing plants in Thailand or general stores in Thailand.

  Our key Service is Your trustiness is Our key heart .Therefore, our products must be delivered to customers with speed and safety as well as high standards. By the transportation service we are prepared for our customers from small cars, trailers to containers. In addition, our transportation company has certified the international standard Q Mark, which is the standard of quality and transportation by trucks as well.

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